2024 Xano Release Notes

All of the release notes for Xano in 2024

This page contains low-level details on individual Xano releases in 2024. A high-level summary of notable features is available in our community release announcements.

1.59.2 (June 3, 2024)

  • improvement - simplified onboarding flow to properly handle users wanting to have authentication endpoints created easily like previously done via our legacy jumpstart workflow

  • bug fix - disconnection issues with ncScale

  • bug fix - the object spread operator within an expression was ignoring other keys after it with the same keys

1.59.1 (May 31, 2024)

  • new feature - Save run&debug parameters (inputs & auth token) across sessions for a better user experience

  • new feature - add the branch name to your available environment variable as $branch

  • improvement - Store Realtime messages in history (up to 1,000 messages) with easy retrieval for channel listeners (default to off)

  • improvement - Ability to delete or revoke a Realtime hash

  • improvement - reduced pricing for Database Connector

1.59 (May 22, 2024)

  • new feature - websocket realtime support with conditional transformations via triggers

  • new feature - pgvector support

  • new feature - datasource migration workflows to easily copy data between datasources

  • new feature - "Set Data Source" function stack statement to force a data source outside of using the x-data-source header

  • new feature - Azure Blob Storage function stack statement collection to manage external files hosted on Azure

  • improvement - the "reference by" panel within the table details now has additional filters to narrow your search when debugging

  • improvement - new onboarding experience and updated UI

  • new feature - column resize to fit - double click on the resize indicator to automatically resize the column to the relevant data

  • new feature - sensitive data flag - marking data as sensitive will mask it within request history

  • bug fix - tasks not properly running sometimes when request history was disabled

  • bug fix - triggers executed from a specific data source had their database operations always using the live data source. Now it will match the trigger source

1.58.1 (April 8, 2024)

  • improvement - Metadata API now labels which branches are being used as a backup

  • improvement - CSV Stream now supports optional arguments for separator, enclosure, and escape value

  • improvement - performance warning when draft count is too high and slowing down development

  • improvement - new documentation around triggers

  • bug fix - Redis wasn't properly clearing existing data after an instance restore

  • bug fix - debugger issues when using function middleware

  • bug fix - misc fixes around division by zero and using incompatible types on array functions

1.58 (April 4, 2024)

  • new feature - trigger support for database table events and workspace events

  • new feature - self serve backup and restore is now supported through the instance panel

  • new feature - "open as card" support within the spreadsheet editor to allow you to make all edits to a database table row at once

  • improvement - request history now has support for granular controls as to how much data should be logged.... none, 100, 1,000, 10,000, or all statements. These settings are available as defaults on the branch and can be overridden on a per object basis

  • improvement - we've added support to update your invoice details on the billing page for future invoices

  • new feature - the maintenance tab on the instance panel now has support for monitoring storage for request history within the database and Redis cache. It also has the ability to manually clear our this temporary storage vs waiting for it to expire.

  • improvement - new design and improved utility with bulk tagging and action support for database tables, middleware, APIs, functions, addons, and tasks

  • improvement - text fields now support an optional format value to provide improved support for editing different types of content. (i.e. html, xml, yaml, etc)

  • improvement - we now support modular theming for dark/light mode

  • improvement - auto-complete gets superpowers once a debugging session has been done, which lets you easily traverse the results of API responses

  • improvement - edit support while using debugger

    • It is now possible to edit functions whilst debugging. After changes, a prompt instructs the user to trigger re-execution.

  • new feature - a new avg filter has been added to provide the average value from an array of numbers

  • new feature - import/export of database and branch schema is now available via the Metadata API

  • new feature - ability to delete branches through the Metadata API

  • new feature - we now have function stack support to interface with Algolia

  • improvement - Our Webflow integration has now been migrated over to their V2 API

  • improvement - Concise error messages

    • When APIs are called, errors returned to the caller now provide minimal detail. The debugger continues to provide all error details. The focus of this improvement is to ensure details are not disclosed about technology and database design.

1.57.1 (March 12, 2024)

  • new feature - biller role so admins can provide billing only access to invoices through the instance panel

  • improvement - run&debug performance fix for displaying extremely large text inputs

  • bug fix - open code editors were not changing colors when switching themes and required a reload

  • bug fix - pre/post middleware was missing timing details in run&debug

  • bug fix - Xano Link regression with auto-including dependencies on API queries

  • bug fix - APIs with invalid UTF8 inputs were causing trouble with request history

1.57 (March 9, 2024)

  • new feature - dark mode support

  • new feature - geo address location support within function stack

  • new feature - elasticsearch support

  • improvement - new bulk processing improvements for high volume requests

1.56 (February 28, 2024)

  • new feature - the Xano debugger got a complete overhaul!

  • new feature - UUID support for primary keys

  • new feature - zip support within your function stack

  • new feature - Ask AI within the product to help assist you with your questions

  • new feature - enable/disable support on API groups and API queries to temporarily turn them off/on

  • improvement - more flexible escaping options for direct query

  • improvement - bug fixes for middleware

1.55.2b (January 25, 2024)

Xano Transform Improvements

1.55.2 (January 18, 2024)

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