2023 Xano Release Notes

All of the release notes for Xano in 2023

This page contains low-level details on individual Xano releases in 2023. A high-level summary of notable features is available in our community release announcements.

1.55.1b (December 21, 2023)

Holiday Release

1.55.1 (December 13, 2023)

  • new feature - new spreadsheet engine with infinite scroll support and sharable views

  • new feature - app level CORs management

  • new feature - self serve agency partner profiles

  • new feature - custom view alias support that can be referenced via the database connector

  • improvement - easy copy/paste support for arrays

  • improvement - improved support for import JSON - raw mode or the traditional Xano method with inline filters

  • improvement - new save guard on all panels that prompts if you forget to save and try to leave the panel with active edits

  • improvement - improved renaming detection with database schema (with auto data migration), inputs, environment variables, and function stack variables

  • improvement - inline filters for even faster transformation within a single statement

  • improvement - new mega menu for adding to your function stack with easy favorites for your most used statements

  • improvement - added FastXMLParser and AWS4 Signature to lambda libraries

  • improvement - autocomplete within code editor for inputs, variables, and environment variables

1.55.0 (October 25, 2023)

  • new feature - API/Function input remapping tool to auto-updated referenced inputs

  • new feature - private file storage with time-sensitive signed URL’s

  • new feature - enterprise offering now allows for Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) login

  • improvement - external API request now supports custom SSL certificates

  • improvement - usability updates to our billing upgrade page

  • bug fix - grouping nested conditionals was sometimes giving unexpected results

1.54.3 (September 26, 2023)

  • new feature - ncScale integration is now available through the connect center

  • new feature - Amazon S3 cloud storage support through the function stack

  • improvement - Table row locks are now supported inside a database transaction for get record and query all records

  • bug fix - style fixes for the new function stack

1.54.2 (September 19, 2023)

  • new feature - new and improved function stack UI treatment to maximize screen real-estate without information overload

  • improvement - background tasks now have visibility into what they are processing from the admin panel

  • improvement - resource graph now includes CPU usage across API, Database, Redis, Lambda, and Tasks

  • improvement - console.log statements inside a Lambda now show up as a debug log entry

  • new feature - tag manager - are now supported for additional organization across database tables, api groups, api queries, functions, addons, and tasks

  • new feature - xano image support now includes the popular webp format

  • new feature - new “random bytes” statement to generate cryptographically secure random bytes

  • improvement - robots.txt added to xano instance domains to prevent web crawlers

  • improvement - updated luxon library to 3.4.2 in Lambda

1.54.1 (August 23, 2023)

  • new feature - Try/Catch support along with support to throw errors

  • new feature - Database Connector - the ability to self provision a static ip address to your database, leverage full and read-only credentials, and control access to ip addresses.

  • new feature - Debug Logging - the ability to choose what to log throughout your function stack and have those logs easily accessible in the debugger

  • new feature - CSV Stream - efficiently iterate through CSV files regardless of file size without requiring large amounts of memory.

  • new feature - Static IP address for outgoing API requests is now available as an addon. This is commonly required by 3rd party API providers requiring an IP whitelist.

  • improvement - new support within the Security Policy addon for allowlist/denylist for IP addresses to control access to your API endpoints

  • improvement - all plans now have support to upgrade their background tasks to unlimited rather than one by one

  • improvement - easily find functions when adding them to your stack using the new and improved search support

  • improvement - metadata improvements - data-sources are now manageable via the API. A new header is optional via the Swagger documentation for all content API requests to easily leverage different data-sources.

  • improvement - all of our plans got supercharged with CPU upgrades resulting in a 40% performance boost

1.54.0 (July 31, 2023)

  • new feature - partial function refactoring - convert a subset of function stack items into their own function

  • new feature - database collaboration - work in real-time in the spreadsheet editor and see where your teammates are working in real-time.

  • new feature - Google Cloud Storage function stack support - interact with your own public and private storage buckets

  • new feature - color-coded branches and data sources - choose your own color scheme to easily separate production from test environments

  • improvement - post-process response variables - post-processing now has the ability to conditionally react to the success of your API request

  • new feature - RBAC and Xano Link are now available to all premium plans through premium add-ons

  • improvement - better search support to locate parameter names on inputs, variables, and table columns

  • new feature - redirect back to last used instance upon login is now configurable on the account page

  • improvement - Run & Debug now supports custom extras in the auth token

  • bug fix - Scale plans were not properly getting their file upload limit increased

1.53.3 (July 6, 2023)

  • improvement - support for re-ordering, disabling, and cloning filters

  • improvement - endpoint URLs now support an alternative separator character as the Xano base API url. You can use a “-” character instead of “:” character. This helps in situations where 3rd parties have outdated URL validation; such as Quickbooks - Example: myapi.com/api:mygroup vs myapi.com/api-mygroup

  • new feature - new pattern filter for regex validation on database fields and inputs

  • improvement - easier to use branch support in Metadata API. Reference branches by labels instead of their ids. Also, easily see the live branch in the workspace object without having to load all the branches.

  • improvement - ongoing improvements to undo/redo in the spreadsheet editor including faster support for bulk cut/copy/paste and redo

  • bug fix - request history entries now show post processing details

1.53.2 (June 22, 2023)

  • new feature - post processing support via function stack after your API is complete

  • new feature - direct query support for Scale plans and above with new query wizard

  • new feature - undo/redo support within spreadsheet editor

  • security - login activity is now available on all accounts on the account profile page

  • security - instance activity - connecting to instance, updating permissions, managing team members, etc. are now available through the compliance center addon

  • improvement - copy as curl support from Run & Debug and request history

  • improvement - new timestamp filters to make time math easier - to_days, to_hours, to_minutes, to_seconds, to_ms

  • improvement - new lambda libraries: crypto-js, jose, and uuid

  • improvement - upgraded frontend to Angular 16

  • improvement - tab to complete - more friendly interactive dot-notation when selecting variables and not needing to open/close/re-open the variable picker

  • bug fix - fixed the infamous auto-selecting text type bug when wanting to reference a variable instead

1.53.1 (May 30, 2023)

  • improvement - inactivity timeout improvements - choose different timeout options or even disable this completely as an individual - enterprise instances can enforce this setting as a policy for all users

  • bug fix - a regression was introduced when dealing with bookmarks/multiple tabs - this is now fixed

  • bug fix - CSV files that were imported with a backslash escape character were not properly being parsed by the backend even though the frontend showed the previous properly. We now require a double quotation mark as the escape character.

  • bug fix - misc fixes for multi-select + copy/paste edge cases

1.53.0 (May 23, 2023)

  • new feature - multi-cell copy/paste/delete support within spreadsheet editor - along with aggregate sum, count, average, min, max

  • new feature - direct database query support within function stack

  • new feature - new access options for snippets including the ability to offer one time use tokens through the Metadata API

  • new feature - new security policy panel to enforce authentication requirements on instance access

  • new feature - new maintenance panel for instances

  • improvement - RBAC improvements for bulk assignment

  • new feature - security inactivity timeout within Xano admin panel

  • improvement - better support for 3DS payments for recurring transactions - ability to now pay open invoices through billing portal’s invoice/receipt tab

  • improvement - Metadata API access now shows within request history

  • improvement - dashboard request history now shows requests across all branches with the ability to filter by current branch within the details panel

  • bug fix - better error messages on branch merging when dependencies are missing

1.52.2 (April 26, 2023)

  • improvement - request history can now be exported to CSV or retrieved through the Metadata API

  • improvement - updates to the Metadata API - new support for listing your Xano instances, request history, file upload

  • improvement - improved support for granular permissions (create, read, update, delete) within the Permissions Center (RBAC)

  • improvement - workspace stats on the workspace list page now only show live branch instead of all branches

  • new feature - read-only and suspended roles are now available for all team members across the entire Xano Instance. Granular controls per workspace are possible through RBAC.

  • new feature - new filters to help with character encoding transformations - detect_encoding, convert_encoding, list_encodings

1.52.1 (April 12, 2023)

  • new feature - The Metadata API is currently in beta and is the next evolution of the Developer API. It provides support to programmatically manage your Xano schema and content and uses Access Tokens to control access. Metadata API actions will also trigger socket events within the Xano UI.

  • new feature - full content export via background processing with email notification including downloadable CSV link. This export supports the active filters, sorts, and column order/visibility.

  • improvement - better drag & drop file upload support within spreadsheet editor - drag files from your desktop to any cell supporting storage even without being active

  • improvement - file uploads within spreadsheet cells now show a mini progress bar

  • improvement - better paste support for cells within the spreadsheet editor. You can now paste into a cell without being in edit mode.

  • improvement - better re-ordering experience within arrays of records in the spreadsheet view

  • improvement - timeout support for Lambda’s to prevent infinite loops. Default value is 10 seconds, but it can be adjusted.

  • improvement - premium option to add more than 2 data sources through the billing portal for Scale+ plans. (ex: prod, stage, qa, dev, etc.)

  • improvement - new instance panel (gears icon on the right of the instance card) to provide more space to deal with various instance related actions

  • improvement - updated min/max filters to support both arrays and numbers

  • improvement - faster socket events around CRUD operations

  • bug fix - swagger documentation was not always properly identifying required fields

  • bug fix - certain public keys were not working properly when decoding a JWS token using the RS256 algorithm - thanks Ray Deck!

1.52.0 (March 27, 2023)

  • improvement - Xano Link now supports transmitting data across workspaces, along with several usability improvements for easy select all/none at the group and global levels as well as automatic dependency inclusions

  • improvement - re-styled database list page that is more space friendly to large monitors

  • improvement - more streamlined run&debug experience that lets you re-edit the inputs without changing tabs when you want to quickly re-run the process

  • improvement - creating a workspace now lets you move forward quickly with a name and 2 clicks - no more answering questions to if all you want is an empty workspace

  • improvement - database spreadsheet view has some usability improvements with using copy/paste or control/command keys

  • bug fix - merging functions with nested functions would sometimes lose their references

  • bug fix - default values were sometimes incorrect when adding custom roles using RBAC

  • bug fix - clicking on an instance with a billing issue when being the developer and not the instance owner, would result in an empty screen that didn’t make sense

  • bug fix - dependency lines would not be re-drawn correctly when scrolling on the table relationship mode on the Database Tables page

  • bug fix - run & debug was not treating null values correctly when having inputs that are file resources

1.51.2 (March 14, 2023)

  • new feature - Delete File support is now available via the function stack

  • improvement - expanded/compressed view icon for viewing functions, addons, and tasks on their list pages

  • improvement - branch merges now create an entry in each object's version history

  • improvement - the compliance center for the enterprise offering now supports unlimited version history

  • improvement - merge support and Xano Link now prompt when there are missing dependencies - previously, references would get zeroed out instead

  • bug fix - the image pipeline was not obeying exif rotation when requesting a different size through the tpl param

  • bug fix - selecting database table records within a snippet was causing an error

  • bug fix - exporting data from a table was causing an error

  • bug fix - creating an update on a snippet was causing an error

  • bug fix - function caching was not working properly when using functions with inputs

1.51.1 (March 6, 2023)

  • new feature - Database Views

  • improvement - functions, tasks, and addons have a new UI treatment to easily search and sort large lists of objects

  • improvement - all pages now have SEO friendly titles to help users who use lots of tabs!

  • improvement - customize output has a new UI treatment to easily select all/none on different levels of output

  • improvement - new Lambda libraries - Azure Identity and Azure Service-Bus

  • improvement - create database table now has the ability to create a new API group for crud endpoints instead of only selecting existing ones

  • improvement - quick copy link next to each file on the Files page

  • bug fix - API route issue where it was possible to have conflicting routes through draft publishing

  • bug fix - agency links to their clients were counting as an actual team seat instead of being ignored

  • bug fix - entries filter was not working properly on Get All Environment Variables statement

  • bug fix - can now select more than 50 database records to include in a snippet

1.51.0 (February 20, 2023)

  • new feature - easy rollback support when merging using branch backups

  • new feature - new alternative authentication header for scenarios when an API Gateway requires their own Authorization header

  • improvement - performance improvement for installing marketplace extensions on free instance

  • improvement - auto-sanitize filenames that have improper characters like newline characters “\n”

  • improvement - additional access settings for RBAC

  • improvement - clearer instructions and validation on properly formed CSV files

  • improvement - presence and chat are now supported across the entire workspace - not just the branch

  • improvement - branch ids are now preserved within the URL, which means copy/pasting urls go to the right components and branch

  • improvement - to_text, to_int, and to_decimal filters now work on arrays of scalar values

  • improvement - Lambda’s now have access to the special $auth variable for the authenticated user

  • bug fix - database link was no longer dynamically updating when schema updates were made

  • bug fix - the return statement would ignore the return if a null value was used

  • bug fix - create file resource was not using the supplied filename if the filedata was being retrieved from a URL

1.50.2 (February 2, 2023)

  • new feature - support for Branch Merging

  • new feature - Xano Link is now available as an enterprise addon

  • new feature - socks library support within Lambda

  • improvement - new simplified onboarding flow for login, signup, and jumpstart

  • improvement - ongoing performance fixes - switched major components over to Angular's OnPush ChangeDetectionStrategy

  • bug fix - agency signup workflow stopped working with free account upgrades

  • bug fix - changing workspaces within the workspace select widget was causing strange error messages

1.50.1 (January 18, 2023)

  • improvement - speed improvement opening panels when having a large workspace

  • improvement - drag & drop now supports auto-scrolling up and down the page

  • improvement - drag & drop has a more minimalistic UI when dragging

  • improvement - support for net and dns libraries within Lambdas

  • bug fix - there was a validation discrepancy in the Clone Table workflow that was more strict than the Create Table workflow

  • bug fix - import curl was not working properly with the --form parameter

  • bug fix - custom headers were preventing CORS request on the API

1.50.0 (January 9, 2023)

Major Release - Introducing the Function Stack V2

  • New Flexible Editing and Publishing Workflow

  • Real Time Collaboration - work with teammates on the same function stack

  • Group support within the function stack

  • Online presence - see where your teammates are and what they are doing

  • Run & Debug your draft edits before they are published

  • Easy rollback of draft edits before publishing

  • Sticky "Run & Debug" with RE-RUN support for rapid debugging

  • New optional commit messages to make sure published versions more meaningful

  • bug fix - support for uploading password protected PDFs

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